Nursing a beautiful bastard blog was created in preparation for the ASTR/CORD conference in Seattle, Washington in November 2010. Set up by co-presenters Carrie Ahern and Jeffrey Frace, it allowed all members of the group a chance to discuss where dance and theater meet (the conference theme) before convening for a two hour work session at the Seattle conference. Members of the nursing a beautiful bastard work session are: Leaders: Carrie Ahern and Jeffrey Frace. Members: Meagan Bruskewicz, Todd Coulter, Peter Dickinson, Rob Kitsos, DD Kugler, Elizabeth Lentz

The introduction post allowed all members to meet each other. Jeffrey and Carrie then framed 3 questions for each member of the group to weigh in on, with a deadline. The questions were designed to generate material for an eventual manifesto. Finally, posted is the manifesto itself, with ideas organized and formalized by Jeffrey Frace and Carrie Ahern, with all in the group contributing ideas.

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