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The Beautiful Bastard Manifesto

The Beautiful Bastard Manifesto While we recognize that collaborative and interdisciplinary performances have existed for as long as human beings have performed for one another, we also recognize that serious challenges arise when different disciplines meet and combine on the … Continue reading

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Topic #3–In the studio

(3) The performers’ process (or, in the studio): Performers of dance and theatre often run in very different circles socially and professionally. Typical rehearsal processes are very different for each – dancers often meet less frequently but for longer stretch … Continue reading

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Topic #2 – the audience’s process

(2) The audience’s process (or, in the marketplace): Can audiences of Dance and Theatre effectively meld? Is there a possibility for a greater “live culture” that does not identify with single, separate disciplines but with hybrid forms that cross boundaries … Continue reading

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Topic #1-The Creator’s Process

(1) The creator’s process (or, on the stage): A principal step in Dance’s direction toward Theatre occurs when the dancer speaks text; the converse in Theatre occurs when the actor moves expressively. Do these supplemental discursive acts necessarily multiply meaning? … Continue reading

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Hello world!: An introduction

This is the blog for the working session for the Nov ASTR/CORD conference in Seattle: Nursing a Beautiful Bastard: Dance Theatre in Theory and Practice. Let’s take a moment for all participants to introduce themselves. My name is Carrie Ahern … Continue reading

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